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Jean has offered presentations and workshops in Hong Kong, Skidmore College and at Carnegie Hall. She has spoken about how to make deeper connections with your audience as a performer, and about using music as a tool for community activism.


She provides master classes on trumpet performance, brass lip health & healthy embouchure, life-hacks for a freelance artists, teaching without words, and transforming the audience experience.

For more information on these workshops or to book Jean as a guest, please feel free to contact her.

Voice, Theatre, & Dance


Jean spent part of her career as a choral vocalist and is also involved in pop/jazz singing. She has a history in theater and dance, and she is very interested in contemporary performing arts.


Jean is currently touring with an experimental theater group based out of Lucerne Switzerland. The piece is called Divamania and it ties together modern dance and music. It involves 6 musicians and 2 dancers who each dance, play, sing, and act. The show is an abstract performance piece that makes a statement about social media in today’s society.


Who hasn’t dreamed of standing in the limelight and being admired by the crowd? “In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes,” Andy Warhol once oracularly said. Considering how people present themselves today in social media and in ubiquitous talent shows, his vision of the future seems indeed to have become reality. This third new production from Young Performance revolves around the human desire for recognition and its problematic side effects such as vanity and narcissism. Which is more desirable: to be famous and to get as many fans as possible, as measured by Facebook “likes,” or to accomplish something with genuine friends? Six musicians and two dancers will address this question.



Jean has worked with diverse populations and has trained musicians from ages 4-96. She has worked individually, sending private students to college and also starting students from scratch. She has worked in the public schools and is experienced in classroom general music, band, and Jazz band, and choral conducting.  Some of her favorite memories include designing and implementing a camp curriculum for students in South Africa, and assisting/directing a retirement band in Glencoe, IL.


Jean’s mission is to generate conversation, connection, and change through music. She believes that developing a musical skill can open a door into a transcending artform, and can connect us to some of life’s most valuable inter-and intra-personal experiences.

Calliope Brass


New York-based quintet Calliope Brass performs repertoire ranging from jazz to classical, pops to swing, and everything in between. Since its inception in 2015, the ensemble has been inspired by the power of storytelling through music in a variety of settings, from national parks to children’s theaters. Concert audiences enjoy exciting programming, often showcasing newly commissioned works and original arrangements.

Calliope also develops larger projects combining original documentary film, live actors, guest artists, and exclusive composer interviews to create an immersive storytelling experience. Like the muse who inspires our

name, we are committed to the art of storytelling. Combining the traditional brass quintet with a variety of guest performers, we present the narrative through a new medium by drawing upon personal experiences, traditional pieces, new commissions, and innovative arrangements to tell our stories in an exciting and engaging way.

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